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Estimates, quotes and making payments


We can give you a ball park figure over the phone if you have an idea of the following:

How many web pages you require?  
Do you need to update the website yourselves? And if so how often?  
Do you already have a web address?  
Do you already have hosting?  
Do you require a new logo? And/or branding?  
Do you require SEO (online promotion & marketing)?
This where we research which words or phrases people use to search on Google for your product or service and optimise your website for that word/phrase so that you appear as high in the results as possible when people search for that word/phrase. More about SEO

Do you require e-commerce, if so how many products do you have?


Do you require any of the following:

  • Mailing list
  • Discussion forum
  • News section
  • Blogger
  • Live Chat / Tech support for a product
  • Search facility
  • Password protected area
  • Calendar
  • Questionnaire(s)
  • Notice board
  • Other functionality or requirements

Note: If you are unsure of anything please ask, we are only to happy to explain what is possible and what is involved in a typical website solutions. We are also happy to meet in person at this stage.

After we have given you a ball park figure over the phone we can send you a break down of this estimate by fax, post or email. If you dont mind we will then ring you a week or so later to see if you have any questions and would like an official quote.


In order to provide an accurate quote it is necessary for us to meet you in person to discuss your requirements and answer any questions you have. You may think you know what you want, but there are always other options that may can recommend which maybe better or more cost effective.

We will then provide you a quote detailing both one off and yearly costs.


Should you wish then to accept our quote we require a deposit to secure our time. Once the project begins we will keep in contact via phone and email, obtaining your approval at each milestone. Depending on the project we may also require meeting as you see fit. Payment is broken down in percentages of the total quote and is expected at each milestone. Payments can be made securely online using any major debit or credit card. We also accept Paypal, cheque and bank transfers.

Payments can be made here.



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