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Free Search engine optimisation (optimization) ebook

This e-book is aimed primarily at small-medium companies who wish to get more people of the right kind on to their website to maybe improve web sales or increase subscribers. The basic steps in this guide can be performed by anyone. Some of the more advanced stuff requires you to be comfortable editing your web pages HTML code. If you have questions about any thing in this document you can email me.

Please note this ebook is almost free, its is “linkware”. It is available for free in exchange for a link to my website, so please do not distribute it.

The e-book represents many years of practical knowledge and took a long time to write and will save you a great deal of money.

To get your hands on a copy email me kris.leech@phizzie.com when you have added the below link to your website and I will send the ebook.

Link details:

Link Title: Nottinghamshire website design and optmisation for the UK
Description: As well as general website design our bespoke website solutions can include content management that doesn't require technical knowledge, affordable e-commerce and targeted promotion of your website.
URL: http://www.phizzie.com

or copy paste this HTML:

<a href="http://www.phizzie.com">Nottinghamshire based website design solutions for the UK</a> As well as general <b>website design</b> our bespoke website solutions can include <b>content management</b> that doesn't require technical knowledge, affordable <b>e-commerce</b> and <b>targeted promotion</b> our website.

Privacy Policy:

You email address will not be given, sold or lent to any third party and you not be put on any mailing lists. In fact you will only get email from me containing the Free Search engine optimisation (optimization) ebook and maybe an email in a months time to see how you got on.




Random extracts from the ebook

Question: What use is your excellent website unless people visit it?

Question: How do 90% of people find your website?

Researching words and phrases

Statistically most people type in 2-3 words when searching in order to reduce the number of non-relevant results. And most people don't look past the first 30 results of a search, in fact most people don't go past the first page of results. If you search the web regularly you will probably be familiar with this behavior.

Question: So how do we get our website on the first page of results when people search for words and phrases related to our product or service?

Answer: Well this is what i will guide you though, there are some basic steps that will optimise your web pages for particular words / phrases.....

But before we can do any optimisation we need to do research, we need to work out which words / phrases we are going to optimise for. This is the most important stage......

Optimisation of web page for word or phrase

The first thing to consider is that you should only optimise one web page for one phrase. If you have more than one phrase you need to optimise a page per phrase. Don't go wild start with one phrase and go from there......

Where to put your phrase and which tags to use

Your chosen phrase needs to be in the main body of text, preferably near the top, middle and bottom of the text (or just once if you only have a small amount of text)......

You also need to use Heading tags <H1> - <H6>. And put your phrase in the heading....

Good link: Check out our teddy bears
Bad link: To check out our teddy bears click here

Use lists if you are listing something. Use <UL> tags for bullet points and <OL> tags for a numbered list. Put your phrase or part of it in the list.....

Don't bother with META tags Google and most other search engines not longer consider them. ......

Links and Pagerank

OK, now you have optimized your web page. But your not showing up in the search engines. Well thats because the is a second factor, Pagerank. This is used by Google as a measure of how popular your website is. It is like a multiplier effect.....

Technique 0 (You must do this as a minimum)
Submit your site to all major directories, including Google directory and any regional or industry specific directories. Getting listed in a directory provides you with a link from a website with a high Pagerank. See .......

Do and don'ts

and more!


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