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EMNET's Curve project and ASPSonic

Phizzie has teamed up with EMNET (East Midlands Network Ltd) to promote the Curve project.

What is the Curve project?

The Curve project offers free e-business modules worth up to £5000 to Small - Medium businesses in Objective two areas. The Curve project and provision of the free e-business modules are funded by the Objective Two European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

The Curve project is managed by EMNET.

What are Objective two areas?

These are the areas that are eligible for ERDF funding. Your business must be in an Objective two area to be eligible for the Curve project.

How do I find out if I am in an Objective two area?

Easy, simply fill in our online Curve Project form and we will get back to your within 24 hours. If you eligible we will send you an application form.

What do the e-business modules do?

The e-business modules are known as ASPSonic. ASPSonic is a suite of web modules that allows you to unlock the potential of the internet as a truly interactive communication medium. The modules can be seamlessly integrated within new or existing websites to create a backbone on which to build an effective feature-rich website. What’s more, the modules are simple to understand and easy to use.

  • Empowers your organisation to deliver high-value up to date content in a professional well-structured manner
  • Cost effective way to improve communications with your staff, members or customers
  • Easy to use content management system - requiring no programming expertise
  • Powerful security features to defend the integrity of your website
  • Modules can be implemented individually allowing a phased approach to your web strategy.
  • Proven technology - core functionality fully tested before incorporation into your website.

If you are serious about business you cannot afford to igonore the Curve project. This is one of the greatest opportunities you are likely to be involved in.

ASPSonic includes the following e-business modules:

Security ¦ Content editor ¦ E-commerce ¦ Document Manager ¦ News Newsletter ¦ Links ¦ Discussion forum ¦ Notice board ¦ Calendar Slideshow ¦ Questionnaire ¦ On-line poll

For more detail about each ASPsonic module read this article

OK, how does Phizzie fit in to all of this?

Once you have applied for Curve project assistance, which is very quick and easy, just a one page application form, then you will be provided with the ASPSonic modules. Phizzie then provides the website design and implementation of ASPSonic to your specifications. Website design and implementation of the ASPSonic modules are not covered under Curve assistance so we will provide you with a competitive quote for these and any other related services. Remember Phizzie provides complete web solutions.
Under the terms of the Curve assistance you are required to host your website with EMNET.

Excellent, how do I apply for Curve project assistance?

Simply fill out our online Curve Project form and we will check your postcode to see if you are in an objective two area, and eligible for Curve project assistance. If you are eligible then we will send the application form via email.

If you are accepted for Curve Assistance you will be asked which approved web design company you would like to carry out your web design / ASPSonic implementation. If you are happy with our quote then you can ask for Phizzie / Interkonect Services UK Ltd. Phizzie is the web division of Interkonect.


EMNET East Midlands Network Limited.
ERDF Objective Two European Regional Development Fund
Objective Two Areas Areas eligible for ERDF funding.
ASPSonic E-business modules. These modules are developed and hosted by EMNET.
Curve project Project which offers ASPSonic modules. The Curve project is funded by the ERDF and is managed by EMNET.

Phizzie In assosiation with:

east midlands network limited aspsonic e-business modules
european regional development fund east midlands development agency


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us: curve@phizzie.com


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